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Kurobara no Bureedo I by annagiovannini Kurobara no Bureedo I by annagiovannini
Does anyone remember the drawing of Damaran and Eri I've uploaded a while ago? :3

So! Eri is finally ready in her doll form, and I couldn't be happier. X3 She arrived from her face-up yesterday, done by the amazing Andreja. She went to her with :iconfran-briggs: 's girl since they came from Supia together as well. XD And her eyes arrived today! <3

Can you tell she's actualy using a male outfit? That's from SDGr Date Masamune's set. It just fits her so greatly! And the sword, too... I guess she looks better with very sober outfits. The other kimonos I got for her are the one in the background, in tones of grey, and another one with pastel flowers in a black background. She just won't look like herself in very colored kimonos... although I have some of them since I LOVE kimonos. ;^;~ She's my very traditional girl, very mature and focused. :3 And she can knock Damaran down in a fight. XD I've come to love her a lot... and I still need to paint her tattoos!! O.O She'll have a tiger on her back, and the yakuza patterns as well. :3

Good thing about her? She's barefoot almost all the time. XD No big worries about shoes. Just a pair of Geta and a pair of boots for when I dress her more casually. :3

I'm so happy to have my Yakuza girl complete! <3 (Though I'm doing her tattoos in my Winter break. XD)

As for the title: Kurobara no Bureedo [黒薔薇のブレード], or Blade of the Black Rose. :3

Eri is a Supiadoll Muse.

Eri Inagawa [Gunpowder Requiem] Anna Giovannini

Please don't use my art without permission! :3
DiamondShatter Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2012  Student General Artist
What a doll!
annagiovannini Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you! :3
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December 3, 2011
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